︎Cranbrook Academy of Art ︎Team: Thomas Wang, Xinyi Ren

AsclePlus is a mobile app that aims to provide a new solution to patients in the US. By allowing patients to assess their symptoms quickly, to connect with doctors remotely, and to book appointments ahead of time, the Ascle+ App creates a direct and efficient environment for the patients.

Currently, most of the clinics and hospitals require long waiting time and always have redundant procedures for inquiries. Even though most of the clinics and hospitals provide appointments, people may still wait for a long time before getting their medical treatment.

Oftentimes, the preliminary diagnoses for the patients cannot happen at their convenience (eg. patients with sudden infections of itchy or minor pain won’t be able to make an appointment in advance).

It would be helpful and efficient to pair available (but maybe far away) doctors to the patients. In the meantime, if necessary, a precursory conversation between doctor and patient also prepares a better appointment.

Our solution:
We created the Ascle+ app to help cut off waiting time and the redundancy in inquiries, better reallocate medical resources, and manage patients’ time at their convenience.

preliminary diagnoses with self check, online direct inquiries, efficient time management, doctor profile, daily updates/ pushes for health articles.

MI, Bloomfield Hills.