Museum of 2D︎2018

︎Cranbrook Academy of Art  ︎Branding, Video installation

Project initiated by Thomas Wang. It is an online museum for the students of Cranbrook Academy of Art to freely share and post their work, their reviews and articles. The mission of Mo2D is to give the students voices, regardless of their race, nationality and ethnicity let them speak for their works, their thought. We gonna keep and spread their works via internet, give them a boarder platform. And finally, we build a community that can cross-pollination among 11 departments.

The twelve black wooden boxes painted with the acronym "Mo2D", stacked in the way of my ideal museum space—clear, modern—are the physical representation of the physical world, of reality.
The flexible module system makes the whole identity could accommodate the various environment, situation and material while still maintain its recognizable identity appearance. Using the Neue Haas Grotesk and Bodoni as its main typefaces give the whole branding a modern, elegant looking.

MI, Bloomfield Hills.