Thesis Book Design For True Harrigan︎2019

︎Cranbrook Academy of Art
︎12’*12’ 72 Pages

Thesis book design for the True Harrigan (Fiber 2019, Cranbrook Academy of Art), she was also the nominee in 2019 Mercedes Award in art sector. The design process worked closely with the artist and came up with the book title and also the keywords include: intangible, distortion, illusion, etc. Her work mostly explore the light, the relationship between real object and through distortion lens.

The design process started with exploring the typography visual expression to match with artist’s works — by placing the typography underneath the artist’s distorted acrylic piece to create the same effect in her works. The distortion subtlety appear in the body text also, but not loud enough to take the attention from artist’s astonishing works.

MI, Bloomfield Hills.